24 May 2023

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

CAMO, in the context of aircraft, stands for "Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization." It is an organization that is responsible for managing and ensuring the airworthiness of an aircraft throughout its operational life.

A CAMO is typically appointed by the aircraft owner or operator to handle various aspects related to airworthiness, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. The CAMO oversees the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft by implementing maintenance programs, monitoring airworthiness directives and service bulletins, managing maintenance records, and coordinating maintenance activities.

The primary objective of a CAMO is to ensure that an aircraft remains in a safe and airworthy condition, complying with the regulations and requirements set forth by aviation authorities. They work closely with maintenance organizations, regulatory authorities, and aircraft operators to maintain the aircraft's airworthiness and manage any necessary repairs, modifications, or inspections.

CAMO organizations play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and operational reliability of aircraft by providing ongoing oversight and support in accordance with applicable aviation regulations and industry best practices.